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Gua Sha Stone

Gua Sha Stone

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Shape, contour and snatch. Our rose quartz Gua Sha stone is the perfect tool to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by reducing muscle tension in the face. Gua Sha also improves circulation and assists in lymphatic drainage which helps define the face.


How to use your gua sha

1. Apply a serum or moisturiser to your face.

2. Hold the gua sha tool with the curved side to your face and glide it gently up and out, starting with the neck, jawline, chin, and around the mouth.

3. Repeat between three and five times per area.

4. Do not press so hard into your skin that your skin wrinkles. It may help to use your free hand as an 'anchor' to hold the skin taught where the gua sha stroke ends.

Caring for your gua sha

Gently wash your Gua Sha with warm water and facial cleanser. Remove your Gua Sha from the bowl and lay it out to dry on a hand towel. Once your Gua Sha is dry, Spray isopropyl alcohol to disinfect and remove product build-up. Allow your Gua Sha dry and then return it to your beauty cabinet.

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