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Silk Exfoliating Glove

Silk Exfoliating Glove

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Our Silk Glove is ultra soft and won't irritate your skin like standard exfoliating gloves. Designed to remove dead skin and roughness for silky smooth flawless skin.


How to use your glove

1. Get nice & steamy! Wet your skin & bathe for about 5 minutes to let the water seep into your cells.

2. Glove time! Wet your glove & squeeze out the excess water so it is not dripping.

3. Body love time! Step away from the streaming water & rub the glove on your skin in the desired area in an up-and-down motion. Don’t worry if your skin gets a little red, that is totally normal!

Caring for your glove

Once you have finished exfoliating, rinse your glove and let it air dry.


- We recommend using your glove 1-2 x per week.

- It is not recommended to exfoliate over acne, broken skin, or very sensitive skin. Try a small area first to see how your skin will react.

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